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A few weeks ago I found out I had hpv. I understand mostly everything about it . I have a high grade and low grade of HPV. ?I also have warts well had warts down there due to the hpv. Lately I've been really depressed . I've been sneaking to try to get rid of the warts . I'm so scared to tell my boyfriend . but from me and my sneak looks he is fine and we already have been having unprotective sex for 2 years before I even found out . I told him I had hpv. Never said anything about warts tho. That's not even my problem tho because if he ends up with them I'll explain and since I found out I've been using protection. So other then that . I've just been very depressed because of this . my coochie doesn't feel the same and what about oral sex? Am I no longer able to have oral sex ? And I've been taking medicine to control the warts . I got told that me smoking cigarettes could cause my immune system to not be strong and the warts are the worse and come back more when your immune system isnt so good. I got told to take vitamins as well that will boost my immune system. Does anybody on here happen to HPV and could give me some advice about it? Maybe how to control the warts as well or just anybody that lives with HPV and how they deal with it on a day to day basis. Its literally been making me so depressed just the thought of me having it forever. Will it affect me having kids? Will my kids have it when I decide to have them ? Like omg !! Its so freaking stressful and maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing but this is scary cause I'm only 20 and I don't want it to ruin my sex life. ?

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Hi Liza,

I am an HIV and STD health educator and I also live with HPV. There are over 100 types of HPV and most people will get HPV at least once in their lifetime. Many times, HPV will go away on its own in about 2 years. As for the warts, have you seen your primary care physician? They may freeze the warts off or prescribe you a cream to help manage them. There is no HPV test for men, so your partner may never get symptoms but still have it and be able to transmit it to others. With HPV, it is also almost impossible to tell who you got it from because it can take a very long time for your body to exhibit any symptoms (although many don't exhibit symptoms at all).

You can still have oral sex, but this is a possible way to transmit HPV to others, so I would suggest using a dental dam when having any partner perform oral sex on you. I would strongly advise against smoking cigarettes, they can definitely exacerbate things and over time lead to cervical cancer. You (and your partner) may also want to consider the HPV vaccine Gardasil. You can get it up to the age of 26 and it can protect you from some of the cancer-causing strains. As for having children, there is a small chance that it can be transmitted mother-to-child but you can consult with a physician once you cross that bridge. This will NOT ruin your sex life. It is so incredibly common and I (as a person living with HPV) have sex regularly and have no issues. Make sure to consider safer sex practices with any partner--condoms (male and female) and talking about STDs prior to engaging in sexual acts.

Don't let HPV discourage you from enjoying your sex life! You are young and it is likely the HPV will go away over time. Wishing you the best of luck,



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