Do I have and std or what?? Help!

I've had sex with two guys, unprotected but assured they were clean. I was young and dumb, lots of regrets. and I got fingered by my girlfriend like less than a week ago. This morning when I was like ya know, cleaning down there, I noticed a bump on my labia majora, near my clit. It's smaller than a pea, and hard. I put a hot tea bag on it, thinking it was a pimple or something of that nature and it went down, but i still cant like, get it out of my head. I'm afraid its something serious and google isn't helping. I'm afraid its like herpes or warts, ya know stuff that never goes away interally and easily spreadable? I'm also afraid of trying to explain this to my girlfriend. Maybe yall could help me figure out what it might be? I don't know if i'll have time to see/find a gyno in the next day or two and i need to ease my mind.?

Honestly it's hard to say, considering that you have had unprotected sex it definitely could be an STD, but obviously I can't say for sure. The only way you are going to know for sure is if you go get tested.
I also think you should just be honest with your girlfriend and let her know what's going on, it will be better for your relationship if you don't hide this.

Please see a doctor ASAP because you'll get a piece of mind by dealing with it.? Also, you won't be avoiding discussing it with gf.? Also, the earlier it's caught and treated typically is a good thing.

wasnt nothing big, got worried for nothing?

What was it?

What test should I take?

I am reading this article now and not really sure about some things, could someone help me here?


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