Okay someone please help me out here .. So my boyfriend broke up with me in early August and I ended up having sex with my ex boyfriend he has been tested and we were together for five years and him and I have never had a problem, (I've been tested too) plus him and I use condoms majority of the time and I was the first girl he had sex with after being tested the last time. So, then my recent boyfriend and I got back together and then in early October I started having weird vaginal symptoms like burning after sex, and pain in my stomach. And I was like what the hell? My doctor tells me it's a yeast infection and prescribes me meds well it goes away and then all of October I kept getting the symptoms back like excessive discharge and sore genitals, so finally I said run me for chlamydia and he calls me and tells me they messed up the tests bc it looked positive then they re ran it it was negative so I needed to come back, so I give another urine sample and it was negative. Well, I decided to have a culture done the day after giving a urine sample that was positive.. I'm like wtf? Is it a newer infection? Because my doctor told me that it was most likely from my recent partner because symptoms come 1-3 weeks after exposure most of the time. ?And that it can take up to six weeks to show up in a urine sample and by that time it had been 11 weeks from having sex with my partner before him who's been tested, And my current boyfriend has never been tested and like refused to go.

I'm sure by now you got the results and treatment.

I just hope your bf has since decided to be mature and get tested.? Otherwise, he's not worthy of you.? Why??? He dumps you and then refuses to be responsible by not getting tested and perhaps treatment.?

I'm glad that you found out what it was, I found out I had gotten it about 2 years ago and I was freaked right out LOL! Anyways, though you've already been tested (and treated I'm assuming) it's important that your boyfriend does the the same, if not, every time you have sex you risk the chance of contracting it again. Though it is not a untreatable STD it does run havok on the female reproductive system. Each time you contract it you become less and less fertile...either he gets tested and treated or he?can fuck off! lol


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