I know it's not exactly an STI but I didn't know which other one to put it in. I have too much vaginal smegma and it won't go away? What do I do?

What are your washing regiments?

I used to have a similar problem, but then i started using a vagisil wash with pH balance, and it seems to have gone away for the most part.?

I also carry around vaginal wipes, so when I do have sex, I can go to the bathroom first to "freshen up" incase it is an issue.?

If it is really that concerning to you, you should go see your gyno or GP... it's nothign to be ashamed about.. it is actually a sign of good health and keeps away things that can cause infections...

A large amount of smegma is less common in women than in men. If you're sure it's smegma, be aware that sebum production is stimulated by androgens. If you're really concerned about this, talk to your OB/GYN and consider asking for a referral to an endocrinologist. You may have low levels of estrogen and related hormones or elevated levels of testosterone or related hormones.

If you're used to showering, start taking baths instead and see if that helps. First, I'm doubtful that it's smegma at all. Second, medical intervention is probably unnecessary. Are we really talking about you having to remove amounts equivalent to spoonfulls daily? My guess is that you're within the normal range of smegma production, and just uncomfortable with it. ?In any event, talk with your OB/GYN doctor first.

It depends how much exactly we're talking. See your doctor or GP and they'll be able to sort this out I promise


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