Herpes scare

Before me and my boyfriend were officially dating he got with a girl who got with a guy who had herpes, she got tested didn't have it, but only got tested once a week after the hook up. My boyfriend got tested 2 weeks after his hook up with this girl and it came back that he was fine but now about 4 months later he has 2 tiny dots on his penis ( doesn't look like herpes or anything really just two small circle cuts ) & I have a significant yeast infection that's getting treated. Should I be worried? He's getting tested again at the end of this month & im waiting on my test to come back, just having anxiety about this.?

Are the dots like small pimples? If so, I would be a bit cautious(herpes on gentials look like pimples or ulcers and it doesnt really go away because it has no cure but you can help herpes be a little easier with treatment) but that is for a doctor to figure out^^ I would be sure to use condoms too,even though his test came back fine. Also has he been itching down there alot or maybe "burning" down there? He probably gets alittle offended if you ask since you seen red dots but you want to be safe than sorry. I got my info from here: http://www.aafp.org/afp/2000/0315/p1708.html?and google
You can spread your yeast infection(slim chance) to him but it would be rash in his private area,based on google. Just use condoms and if you dont use them,no sex until it clear up on your end and his test because your med for yeast infection could eat away the latex condom,make intercourse painful,etc. Good luck c:


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