I think I have bacterial vaginiosis, but I'm not really sure since I've never had it before. I just need a second opinion before I make an appointment.
A little background about my sex history if it helps: I've had sex with the same guy for a year and some months and we always use condoms. I'm still currently with him( no new partners). I went on vaction for the summer so I haven't been sexually active for almost 2 months now. I've been tested for STDs/STIs (I'm not exactly sure which ones, but I'm good for the standard ones I believe).?
Symptoms: About a week or two ago, I noticed that my vulva had a slight burning sensation after masturbating. When I looked at myself everything seemed normal. No redness, sores, scabs, etc. My discharge on the other hand was very watery and off-white almost grey with a strong smell (kind of like vinegar). There's large amounts of discharge too. My discharge is usually clear or white and stretchy/elastic-like with a musky scent.?

My symptoms seem similar to that of BV, but I don't know what could have brought this on since I don't douche and I haven't had any new partners. I just need a second opinion just to be sure and I can go to an appointment without surprising my mom with an STD or something crazy. Thanks in advance.

I would go ahead and make a doctor appointment because it sounds like an infection. Discharge with sour or vinegar smell shouldnt be happening. A burning sensation could be some type of infection,go to doctor and I hope everything is all fine now x


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