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okay so a friend of mine has a outbreak of bumps on her v . She said it's starting to irritate her skin . But it just happened like 3 days ago . She read this thing about how herpes can stay in your body for a long time but she hasn't came in contact with a boy ever since her birthday which was like the first week of January . But he guaranteed her he was clean and she said they never had sex he just like rubbing his ya know against her ya know though . I mean she can't have it if he doesn't right ? ?. The only other time she came in contact with a boy was when a guy fingered her but I don't think you can herpes from getting fingered ... Idk I'm trying to help her because she is freaking out . Please help . I know y'all are not doctors so please don't get smart with me .?

Skin to skin contact is how herpes gets spred, if he rubbed his penis on her vagina then he could have given it to her if he had a break out.
Unless he had a break out on his fingers (I don't know if that's even possible) then she wouldn't have gotten it from fingering.
She needs to go to the doctor and get the bumps checked out. Could just be an ingrown hair too but she'd have to see a doctor to know for sure.

Actually it is possible. I don't know if I've updated this to her or not, but here it is. It much less common, but people can get HSV-2 on their digits. But you would definitely be able to see the outbreak on their fingers if that were the case. (kinda like a wart)

I've been talking to her through PM, the girl in question does shave a lot, I want to say daily or every other day. I sent a lot of pictures of various bumps, cysts, outbreaks and what have you (genital region which is why I didn't share them here) and while it's down to two possibilities, an STI is definitely ruled out. This is more out of gee-whiz, since she had another post about it somewhere else and it's been a while.


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