Herpes ?

So , I originally got tested on the 15th of January for chlamydia and gonorrhea . The 20th for HIV , hepatitis , herpes , syphillis . All came back negative , except chlaymdia. ? Got medicine immediately and thought my nightmare was over. ? I waited two/three weeks to have sex - the second I did I encountered the pain of my life. ? Everything began to hurt down there no matter what I did ( lay in bed , bathroom , walk , sit ) . So I finally made a appointment earlier today , and my gyno says it could be herpes. She thinks it is. ?I have a bump. ?And plenty of cuts down there. ?Said I had a lesion but I'm confused on what they even means , from my view I'm blood shot red. ? I'm just sitting here scared out of my mind of the odds of the culture coming back negative. ? I had oral with my bff NYE . ?I'm wondering if something was wrong , would it be showing up now. Although he swears he's clean. ?

Herpes can stay dormant in the body for a long time so there's really no telling exactly when you got it since it could of been a long time ago but you just never had a break out until now.
If you received oral from that person on New Years and they have Herpes in their mouth that's the only way they could of passed it to you, and if you already had it and you had a lesion you could have given it to them as well.
Herpes is literally one of the most common STDs and a lot of people carry it and never even realize it. You just need to be careful about exposing other people to it.

Having an OB right now... So annoying can't have sex for like a week lol


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