I tested positive for chlamydia, bf did not, please help!

hi everyone,

I am really in need of some advice and help. Basically I have been with my bf for over 3 years I have never cheated on him or done anything behind his back. Also I have never had unprotected sex with someone who I was not in a serious relationship with and have only slept with 1 person that I was not in a relationship with. I havent had a pap smear since I was 16 (when I first started having sex) since then I've had about 6 or 7 partners but never was tested I am 24 now. I figured it was finally time to get checked out and it turns out I had chlamydia... I told my bf right away, I am 99% sure he did not cheat on me so the only logical thing I could think of is that one of us had it before we were together and gave it to the other. Nope, because he went and got tested and he tested negative, I have no idea what to think, if I were in his shoes I wouldn't trust me either, I feel sick to my stomach wondering what will happen to us because of this. it makes no sense to me the other thing is we had sex a week before I got the pap test so I really don't understand how he is negative. I am so scared what this will do to us he is trying to believe me but I don't blame him for having doubts... has anyone ever experienced this or Ave an explanation? I don't want to talk to my friends because I feel like everyone will just think I've cheated but I haven't. . any help or advice appreciated, thank you.

To my knowledge if you have chlamydia and have unprotected sex with someone they will get it too. Are you using condoms?
Because if you are then that's why he doesn't have it too.
The way they test a guy for chlamydia is pretty horrible, is there any chance he would lie about it to avoid the testing?


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