Need advice Asap!!!!

Okay so last week I had sex with someone about 10 years orders than me, didn't use a condom but it literally lasted about 5 minutes and he didn't cum (also on the pill btw). He also licked me out. The past week my down below area has been stinging like mad and is so itchy!! It also stings like fuck when I go to the toilet! It seems to be very red and irritated any advice or has anyone had any similar experience??

You need to go to a gyno and get tested, we aren't doctors here. You have an issue that needs medical attention before it turns into something worse.
It sounds to me lilik a yeast infectinfection or a UTI, it could be an sti thoug, won't know for sure until you get tested.

I'm getting checked today but just wanted someone else's opinion incase they have had this experience before, thanks?

Also, you only had unprotected sex about a week ago and you need to make sure the doctor knows that because that's not enough time to accurately test for some STDs. You'll probably have to go back in another week for some more testing.

Something similar happened to me, i slept with a guy 12 years it wasn't a one night stand though we were seeing eachother and in about two weeks i started having some symptoms like burning while urinating and my lower stomach kinda cramped like i was gonna have a period so i got tested turned out i had chlamydia which is not an std it's an sti so all i had to do was take 2 pills and within 7 days i was cured it's kind of like a yeast infection just a bacterial infection that is passed through sexual activity.?


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