Currently panicking!

I just started having sex a few weeks ago (protected of course) and just a few days before my period I notice my vajayjay was very irritated. It's uncomfortably itchy, burns to the touch and when I pee and slight bleeding when I clean up but no discharge. I'm thinking it's just a yeast infection but I've never had one so I wouldn't know the feeling. Currently relocating so the making a doc appointment is near impossible. Any ideas to what it could be????

It could be a yeast infection or a bacterial infection.
Fortunately they are very easy to treat with some prescription pills. Our vaginas are very sensitive and certain things can thrown off the PH balance which is what will cause the yeast infection so we have to be careful to never get anything perfumed up there (unscented soaps are best) or sugary (flavored lubes/condoms have sugars and can cause these problems) eating yogurt can help your body keep it's natural Ph. I like to eat one yogurt every day.


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