when your boyfriend gives you an STD...

So idk why im posting this. I guess I just need to vent and recieve some moral support! So, my boyfriend of three years told me yesterday that he has an STD and that I may have it as well. After ALL of my suspicions and psychotic episodes I finally recieved the news I had always suspected but chose not to believe.... Its my own damn fault!! In a way its a huge weight off my shoulders because I've realized Im not crazy! But now I'm f'd over and have to dealer with this STD that I'm hoping is the only thing the A$$hole gave me. Idk how some people can be so evil and cruel, how can you keep secrets from someone and betray them and yet deny it with a straight face?! I gave my all to this guy and it was so easy to love him and be loyal. I hope karma bites all the liars and cheaters who have broken hearts and ruined lives over theyre selfish ego's and pleasaure. I will not let him get to me.... I'm stronger and at this low point, i can only go up....

You pretty much said it all:) You're a strong young woman and you can only go up:)
Screw that asshole, i don't know why guys do things like this either (girls too).
Just keep your head up, and keep it cool:)

"Love is eternal, for as long as it lasts." ?(Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

I'm sorry a out the STD, but to get that guy outa your life, it may prove to be a very fortunate event.


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