nervous and confused

The first time I lost my virginity, I didn't use a condom. That was A couple months ago with a guy I hardly knew. I've always wondered and worried if I got anything from him ☹ it's embarrassing to say and to think. Anyways, now I have a boyfriend and we have unprotected sex A LOT. He was a Virgin, so I guess you can I say I got his v-card? Well anyways, can he still give me an std?  I'm 15 my health class sucked and I can't talk to my mom about this since she is very religious and cultural and being sexually active at 15 is a big no no and I'm just scared and worried about all the bad things that can happen when you have unprotected sex, especially std's.

Well if you caught something from the guy you lost your virginity to you could have given it to your current boyfriend.
Has your boyfriend ever given or received oral sex? You can give and get STDS from that.
You should go get tested, honestly you should have gone when you first lost your virginity.
I also don't understand why you are having unprotected sex. If you are afraid to talk to your mom now what are you going to do when you end up pregnant?


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