I'm stressing out

back ground story , as a child I always wanted a big butt so I wore right panties and I even bought a fake butt pad to wear . Maybe around 8th grade , one day I was walking up the stairs and I feel sharp pain shoot up from down there into my stomach every step I took . It continued when I peed . And I sat down for awhile and then I was able to smell something that wasn't fresh but that only happen one time . I was not sexually active nor am I now . Currently idk if what happened in 8th grade cause a yeast infection or what but I just can't seem to smell fresh for long . I've been to the doctor and they said it was a bladder infection but after I took the pills for it I started peeing even more than I was before I took them . I don't want to tell my mom because I don't want her to think it could be something sexually transmitted when I've never had sex before . Please help . I drink loads of water every day and I think that's thw reason I pee so much but what's about the smell ? 

Is the smell coming from your pee or your bits?


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