Recently a friend of mine and I were talking about how I've kissed A LOT of guys. He asked me if I was afraid I had gotten an STI/STD from them (even though I have no symptoms). Until then I had thought you can't get an STD/STI from just kissing.. But, Is it possible? HELP I'm freaking out

Yes it is possible. STDS &STIS can be spread from oral sex and then spread through kissing. HPV warts/ cold sores (herpes) would probably be the big ones for that sort of thing.
If you don't have any symptoms I really wouldn't worry about it, I had a concern that I had picked up HPV orally from a guy before and I went to the doctor and she told me that when it's spread orally that you know and get the breakouts from it. I don't think that it's possible (or atleast very unlikely) to have them spread unless the person has a breakout and those are pretty hard to miss as well.

It is possible. Getting tested will help put your mind at ease.


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