So I've been with this guy for a few months now and he got a call from his ex saying she had chlamydia and she doesn't know when or who she got it from so he went and got tested and it came back positive and so he got treated and so I went and got tested but we'd only had sex for the first time about a week and a half ago and my test results came back negative but Im scared that maybe it was too early to be detected and we're waiting the whole week for his treatment to even think about doing stuff again but Im freaked out about actually having it and that the test was wrong?? Was it too early to tell? Cause the last thing I'd want it to give it to him and him have to get treated again.cause it wasn't cheap at all.. I'm just so stressed idk what to do.. 

1-5 days after exposure is an appropriate time to wait, so your results are accurate.

It's just antibiotics. Idk why it would have been expensive.


Wow this sounds like me actually. I just went through the same shit but always always always use a condom


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