Does he need to get tested?

I want to have sex with my boyfriend but I'm making sure all the bases are covered first (getting on birth control, etc.) I'm a virgin, he's not, but he's only slept with one girl and had oral sex with one other girl (three people in total, including me). I brought up the idea of getting tested and he didn't really want to but I think he would be okay with it if I made him. The girl he slept with had just been tested before they had sex and was clean, and the first girl he did oral stuff with was two years ago. He has no symptoms and I (who have only done sexual stuff with him) have no symptoms. Do you think I should ask him to get tested before we have sex anyway, just in case? I think the chances are really low that he has anything, and neither of us really want to get tested, but should we do it anyway?

If you want I mean lets be safer than sorry :D right?!

DO IT!!! I am such a firm believer in being as ridiculously safe as possible. If he's had intercourse and oral sex with multiple females then there is a chane he could have an STD, Whenever starting a sexual relationship with someone you should always discuss whether or not they have been tested since their last partner, if they haven't then they definitely should. There are diseases that may not show a ton of symptoms at first.
If your writing this post then you are obviously worried to some extent, and if your reason for not being as safe as you can is that you two don't "feel like" getting tested then that is just dumb. Just get the testing, that way you are both 100% sure.

Yes, I think you should both get tested. It would be pretty selfish of him, or any partner, to not want to get tested when it isn't just their health on the line. Some people don't like the idea of getting tested because they don't want to know if they have an STD/STI because they will feel ashamed, but there is no reason to be ashamed. What is shameful is to not test yourself and put a new partner at risk. So I totally agree with alegnatm, be safe, get tested. 

Definitely both get tested, a lot of STD's/STI's  are passed through bodily fluids so you dont have to be having sex with someone to catch an STD from them  just exchanging bodily fluids through a handshake with someone could cause you to catch an STD.

He honestly needs to get tested. I had a boyfriend and I did not tell him to get tested and he gave me a virus.


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