Have HPV and scared

Last year I had my normal PAP like I do every year. I got called back saying that it came back abnormal and that I may have HPV. I was very scared. She did the biospy and I remember her saying it didn't look to bad but the biospy came back that there was more on my cervix and she wanted to freeze my cells on my cervix and then test again 6 months after that. I think this happened in like october. I never went back after the biospy. I had planned to make the appointment and then my mom got a letter from our insurance saying I had surgery and I didn't want her getting another letter so I just didn't go back.

Now I am terrified to go back due to hearing about HPV causing cervical cancer. I know I have to go back and I will, I am just really scared to get results that won't be good. 

I always get myself all afraid like this. Even when I have to get blood work done I am scared to do it because I always think there is something that is going to come back not normal and that scares me.

I just really needed to vent somewhere

I had abnormal cells also and they believe i have HPV. I go back on thursday. but beings i waspregnant i had to wait. hope everything goes well

I wish you get as soon as you can to your appointment. HPV isn't a simple sickness. It can give you cancer and worst... It will be scary at first butthink about your own health. It's best to find it out early than to be late and hear bad news.

I had the same thing happen to me a couple of years ago, and I know how terrifying it can be. They froze my cervix and 3mnths later my pap came back normal, and they haven't seen any abnormalities since. It is also possible for your body to rid itself of the virus. Just pray and keep going to your dr. 

they told me its just abnormal cells and they could be anything but they should look farther into it to be sure

well i just told the love of my life and father of my son that i could have hpv... did i do the right thing? cause now i think hes gonna leave me

I had those Gardisil shots, and they only cover a certain amount of strains of HPV. I found out two years ago that I had HPV. I was very scared that my strain would turn into cervical cancer. I asked my doctor pretty much EVERY question in the book. My strain just happened to be one that could go away by my body fighting off the cells. I've had 3 paps that have been totally normal and im so thankful. Just ask your doctor as many questions as you can. It is a big deal but it's not as scary as it sounds, just use protection from now on and if you're going to be in a relationship make sure you tell them so they can be safe too. Just ask your doctor everything and see if there is anything you can do to help get rid of it. Good Luck!

I have HPV and my paps come back abnormal every other time. It sucks but so far no sign of cancer.

i also had same problems but my obgyn recommended to start treatment with Cervugid Ovules (pessaries). After few months of treatment my pap test came back to normal and HPV test was negative so with this treatment i was cured.

As for me I believe that I'll never get infected and have one of?incurable stdsbecause I have only one sex partner, my wife and this person will never have sex with someone else I'm sure ! Don't be foolish enough to sleep with anyone pals!


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