Rise in Herpes because it's Easier to Get Sex Now

herpes rise

Irresponsible sexual behaviors are to blame for the rise in sexually transmitted infections. When people have unprotected sex, infected partners transmit the infection to uninfected partners.? In particular, Herpes has been on the rise, with unbelievable statistics globally.

Why the rise in HSV cases?

In the current century, there has been increase in HSV cases because people are more open to exploring sexually, and technology has made it easier to explore. For Genital Herpes, cases have increased by 30 % in the last 20 years alone. More people are having unprotected sex, because it?s now easier to have unprotected sex. The following factors shed a light on this more.

1. Pop culture

In the 21st century, almost everything has been sexualized. From the film industry, to music, commercials, fashion, TV shows, etc. sex is everywhere. People talk about ?what?s hot? and those that don?t conform are regarded as backward and not up to date. This has a toll on the world?s youth, who are at a stage in their lives when they are sexually active. Musical lyrics are now about intimacy, drugs and sex, which influence the youth. Movies nowadays have a lot of nude scenes and simulated sex that adolescents watch. It has never been crazier, especially with conservative parents who don?t share with their kids enough about such matters. Kids grow up knowing that sex and drugs are the ?cool way? of life. They?ll thus, sooner or later, engage in unprotected sex which puts them at a greater risk of contracting infections such as Herpes.

2. Dating sites

There are many dating sites now and they are increasing rapidly. More and more people are signing up to dating sites. Technology has advanced, and this has enabled more people to have access to smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. At the comfort of your home, you can log into a dating app, find available members, chat, set a date, and meet. Examples of these sites include badoo, Grindr, Tindr, etc. Of course no one can really verify the status of people on the sites, whether they have infections or not. If consenting adults do decide to engage in unprotected sex, well, it?s easier to get Herpes if someone has the virus.

3. Sex apps

There are many of these going around in the world. People nowadays are into casual sex, one night stands, and hook-ups. The argument made for today?s sex culture is that there are more important priorities than marriage and families. Most people are not really looking for commitments in relationships. Work has become more important, and casual sex has become the quick fix for urges and relaxation. With sex apps, you get to see who is near you and looking for a quick hook-up. Of course there are no strings attached, and you get to have different partners on different days. What is more? There are couples signed up on the apps, looking for threesomes and swingers. It?s crazier than ever, and just by the click of a button on your phone or computer. If people here have HSV and engage in unprotected sex or oral sex, the infection gets transmitted to more people.

4. Lack of adequate sex education

Most of today?s youth get their sex information from the internet. Parents dread giving ?the talk? to their kids, hoping that they?ll figure it out in college. However, with today?s technology, kids are accessing the internet and searching for information on sex. Most youth are introduced to pornography at an early age. According to Webroot, 28258 internet users are watching porn every second. What is seen from pornography affects people?s reasoning and view of sex. Actors and actresses in porn mostly have unprotected sex. When youth do decide to have sex, they do what they know. Infections are easily transmitted when they engage in unprotected sex.


Herpes is rising at an alarming rate. It means that more and more people are engaging in unprotected sex. Is it the pop culture, the dating and sex apps, the lack of sex education, or porn? There needs to be a conversation about our way of life to remedy this situation. More effort should be put into awareness and education about STIs and their prevention to reduce the alarming statistics. At popular herpes dating community named MPWH is one of them who are making efforts to support HSV sufferers and educate about herpes.


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