As far as I can remember, I've always liked guys (I am currently 18). I mean, I noticed that girls were pretty but thought that came from admiration for them instead of attraction. However, this spring one of my friends mentioned that she thought one of the girls at our school was hot and I was like, yeah whatever. After that however, I started to notice her more and realized she is really hot and I am definitely attracted to her (pretty much in the same way as when I have a crush on a guy). I don't know if it's just her and if my noticing that other women are attractive is normal or if I've always been partially attracted to women but didn't realize or understand it due to my conservative upbringing. As you can tell, I'm pretty confused so some help would be much appreciated. ?

That's perfectly normal. Your sexual identity and orientation can change over time, and sometimes a different environment can affect it. Maybe you were bi all along and didn't know til now.

I wouldn't stress. Your sexual orientation isn't going to change who you are. It's really not as big a deal as people think.


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