Im afraid to label myself??

For awhile now im starting to believe that I like girls even though I see all these hot guys in the back of my mind I keep thinking whats it like to be with a girl and for some reason that scares me. Even though being gay is much more appreciated nowadays my parents wouldnt still be happy even if i was Bi let alone Gay. So maybe I dont have to label myself but how am I suppose to come to terms that I like girls and be somewhat okay with it knowing that my mom would probably cry and my dad stop talking to me?

I can relate, and I know what it's like to not want to label yourself. Honestly, you don't have to not until you're ready to. It takes a little bit to find out but in the end, if you do label yourself as a lesbian, bisexual or straight just know you're parents should love you no matter what and if they don't then you shouldn't care what they think because I bet you're super cool and it would be their?loss if they don't respect you.?

Honestly, my parents are the exact same way. I'm so sorry that your parents won't accept you. It's ok if you don't want to label yourself, and if you don't want a label so restricting as "lesbian" or "bisexual" you can just label yourself as "queer," or maybe not a label at all. Once you figure out your feelings and realize if you're attracted to boys, girls, both, none, ?or other genders too, then it's your choice to put a fitting label on yourself or choose not to. I still am not really comfortable with myself being bisexual, but if you want to come to terms with your own sexuality, you can try talking to someone you love that loves you too and will support you (if it's safe for you to come out to them) or just tell yourself over and over that you were born this way, and there is NOTHING wrong with you at all. It's your choice to decide if and when to come out to your parents. If you're worried they'll throw you out of the house, it's best to wait until you have a safe place to go or can financially support yourself. If they don't accept you in the end, I'm very sorry and it's their loss to lose a wonderful daughter. I wish you luck. xx?

It's nobody's business but your own. You don't have to label yourself if you don't want to, and you don't have to tell anybody you don't want to. If you parents aren't going to love you if you're gay, then I wouldn't tell them....tell someone who supports you and will love you no matter what. And if you don't have someone like that, and you want to be with a girl, then do it in secret. Seriously.?

Why do you need a label? I always hear all this label crap and it doesn't mean anything. Do you need a label for every aspect of your personality? No, of course not. So why does sexuality have to have special treatment? And why do your parents need to know or be involved at all? Some things are private. I'm ridiculously open with my parents but it doesn't mean I go to them day and night with a long list of everything I think and do. My private life is private, as yours should be.


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