My mum thinks it's a phase,

Hey, um. This might be a long one, at a breaking point and I just need help, advice and perhaps someone who relates.?
Im thirteen, ( 14 in two months but I like to stress the fact I am mature and good with people so it's not like I'm stupid or going through an emo time like some younger teens ). At the start of last year, I came out to my mother's upon being peer pressured by my best mates. She refused it and said it was hormones and a phase but I know it's not, hormones are sexual and I know this, I'm not attracted to the vagina or anything! I don't like staring at female bodies or anything ( I think I'd get bored staring at two big round things on a women's chest, haha ). I have a girlfriend, we're long distance and have been together more than a year. We've never kissed or anything so it's literally pure love. My mum wouldn't accept me in the slightest then critciaed me for crying a little. Shes started calling me a bitch ( No, I'm not stroppy. I'm isolated to my problems and never answer back to my mother etc. I don't even do anything ) and this started almost instantly after I came out. I could go on but this is long enough already. The anxiety of being publically discriminated and criticized is getting out of hand ( This being from other students, not my mother. She doesn't know about this ). I decided I'm going to go back into the closet after college ends and I part ways with everyone that I know in high school. ( college starts around 15 for France which is where I live ). I can't take it anymore, it's affecting my relationship.?

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that! Your "friends" really shouldn't have peer pressured you to come out. Think - are they really your friends? Make sure to only come out when you are so ok with yourself that nothing anyone else can say will bother you. Even though it's super sad when your mom denies your sexuality and calls it a "phase." You shouldn't go back in the closet after going through what you went through - you already came out. Normally I would tell people not to come out until it's safe but you already did when it wasn't so I wouldn't go back in the closet. My advice is if your friends and family aren't supportive of you, build a new family and get some new friends. I know it's tough, but you'll feel so much better if you have a bunch of people around you supporting you. Best wishes!?


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