My mum thinks it's a phase,

Hey, um. This might be a long one, at a breaking point and I just need help, advice and perhaps someone who relates.?
Im thirteen, ( 14 in two months but I like to stress the fact I am mature and good with people so it's not like I'm stupid or going through an emo time like some younger teens ). At the start of last year, I came out to my mother's upon being peer pressured by my best mates. She refused it and said it was hormones and a phase but I know it's not, hormones are sexual and I know this, I'm not attracted to the vagina or anything! I don't like staring at female bodies or anything ( I think I'd get bored staring at two big round things on a women's chest, haha ). I have a girlfriend, we're long distance and have been together more than a year. We've never kissed or anything so it's literally pure love. My mum wouldn't accept me in the slightest then critciaed me for crying a little. Shes started calling me a bitch ( No, I'm not stroppy. I'm isolated to my problems and never answer back to my mother etc. I don't even do anything ) and this started almost instantly after I came out. I could go on but this is long enough already. The anxiety of being publically discriminated and criticized is getting out of hand ( This being from other students, not my mother. She doesn't know about this ). I decided I'm going to go back into the closet after college ends and I part ways with everyone that I know in high school. ( college starts around 15 for France which is where I live ). I can't take it anymore, it's affecting my relationship.?


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