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what's your favourite thing that girls do that turn you on? I personally love listening to audios (sometimes ASMR) of girls moaning and breathing while masturbating, I'm straight but hell is it a turn on ;)

Laughing and flipping their hair, if I'm somewhere and I hear laughter and look over and see a girl flip her hair while laughing it is all that I can do not to run over and hug her.


I agree! ?Hearing another girl moan ?and breathing during masturbation or sex is a turn on ?to me too!

I do not know what is going on with my posts. ?Sorry that they look strange. ?Don't know what I can do.

I've listened to female asmr too and it's an extra turn on. I also find girls in sexy fitted dresses attractive

Can someone tell me what "ASMR" means?
Please and thank you


Thank you for that link but I still don't know what ASMR means lol. The page is in German :)?


sorry, HERE the wikipedia in english?

Lol I use asmr to help me sleep but I never even considered there were sexual versions of asmr!

it's amazinngg


Cool. Thank you for that :) I wonder what an "attention induced head orgasm" would be like? I don't think it'd be as much?fun as a "hand induced clitoral orgasm" :D

I got a friend to whisper right in my ear for like ages and it got me soakin' wet

I'm straight but I've always thought that girls have nicer bodies than fellas. I don't know why I just do :)


I know why lol. It's because we totally do :D


I love ASMR but I've never thought to use it as a turn on or something to masturbate to... Until now...
And tbh, I never listen to guys doing ASMR. It just doesn't work for me, maybe just cause girls seem more soothing to me

Personally, when I see another girl walking around in panties... needless to say, gym class is rough on me.

When a girl wears a button down dress shirt and nothing else underneath except maybe panties. Good god!?



big eyes!

I good sincere smile makes me absolutely weak in the knees! I can't talk or even breathe when I see that kind of thing. A good laugh, good posture and a gentle personality are also huge turn-ons. I adore soft hands too. Okay I'll shut up now.

Biting their lips, especially full ips.? ?:X

When I was in track I was watching some of the girls doing laps and when they stopped they were all out of breath and their skin was all shiny with perspiration. It made their skin look so pretty and the breathing just added to it. There was a girl in there I didn't even like at all but she was suddenly more interesting than usual.

Hah when girls are hot physically but have ugly personalities ...?

+1 for big eyes!?

I'm only bicurious but when my tutor's daughter looks at me and tries not to show it, it makes me feel kinda excited. I don't even know what she's thinking but I like to fantasize a little.

how old is she, Monica?

She's about a year older than me, so about 16-17.?

I love watchig girls just being girls. In was watching my friend trying to open a jar of pickles this morning and she was so cute. I can't say exactly what it was; maybe just general femininty.

i am a BI...fantasized to see my fellow girls urgently changing their panties during a common bath in PE classes


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