Really confused at this point

I'm like always posting here but it's bc I have no one to talk to about this. So yeah I like this girl but my feelings for her are weak now... she's my first girl crush but I never liked her soooo much like how I like my guy crush, I was lowkey about it and she never came to mind a lot but so yeah... I don't like her as much anymore but I still find other girls and her attractive. I was stalking her spam insta and she had videos of her being silly and she was so cute. I was so confused I watched girl on girl videos to see if I'd get turned on (kinda worked but I felt uncomfortable, maybe bc it just seemed so fake and weird). I don't usually watch porn and stuff bc it's scary to me. I just need some help. I feel like my feelings are gone bc I have second thoughts about her. She always used to stare at me and touch me and then she goes and does the same to guys (she doesn't touch or stare, just talks a lot). I feel like sometimes she's closeted or she might be bi. I always try to stay lowkey bc I don't know for sure yet if I'm bi. Whenever we talk it's different tho and she is really touchy with her best friend who's a girl. When I was beside her once and her best friend hugged her and said "let's get married" she pushed her away and kinda looked at me other times she hugs her friend and holds her hand. Every time I see her, I'm like ugh I like her but I try to push that away.?

if you have feelings don't push them away! love those feelings as if they were a new puppy :') honestly, it's great to experience different things even if you don't feel that way strongly. Don't feel the pressure to have to label yourself, it's just a word that isn't life or death. You don't even really have to get with the person if you don't want to, just go on a few dates and get pretty touchy feely, and then see what's what?


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