I want to make a move but don't know how

The girl I have a crush on might actually be lesbian (or bi). We were on a camping trip and she kept staring at me and I brought it up to a friend and she said "yeah I think she might be lesbian or somehing" my friend doesn't know I like her. I also collected some info and while we were at this ice cream place, everyone (23 other girls) were saying that this one guy was cute but my crush said the girl was really pretty. On this trip my crush was giving me some attention. When she does, she touches my hands. For example, canoeing she held our boats together and I held hers and she put her hand on mine for like 3 seconds then moved them. She also did this when I asked her to open something for me, she put her hand on mine. So anyway, now that I think she's flirting, I want to let her know I'm into her but come off as being a friend. We only have one class together and she used to sit at my table group but she got moved bc she talked too much (not to me). I want to at least get to know her better bc she does kinda have a mean girl reputation bc her best friend is a mean girl. Should I dm her on Instagram? If I did, what would I say? I don't want to make it awkward, just hey out of nowhere? I also don't want my friends to know I'm becoming friends with her out of nowhere bc they recently found out she might be lesbian and I don't want to lose my friends or let anyone know bc I'm not sure about this yet. I just need some help on how to show her I feel the same way


Hey poprocks101,​Make the move, say hi to her on instagram or whatever social platform you are on with her, even if it is just that. You can use the camping trip as a conversation starter and talk about that, one of you will want to keep the converstation going. What other kind of hints did the girl give you on the camping trip? Life is too short to be regretting past decisions!

I would also suggest liking/commenting on her Instagram photos along with sending a DM. Maybe talk about something that happened in class or as heyitsmefifi suggested your camping trip. Good luck! xoxo


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