When you're straight with lesbian tendencies?

Here's the deal. I consider myself straight. I'm very attracted to guys and usually prefer them. But sometimes I find myself thinking about women. Once in a while, I've been attracted to one or two. I don't consideer mysel bi because I'm mostly straight. I don't think I should label myself as bi though? Is there anyone else who feels the same?

I can tell you that personally this is something I've struggled with my whole life. I've always dated men, but I've always had curiosities about being in a relationship with a female sometimes even wondering would it be easier seeing as women are creatures of emotion. I've had flings with girls, never made it to sexual stuff but for that little bit of time it felt good. Being raised Catholic though, and having a 4 year old daughter though I've always struggled with the pressure of feeling guilty to express my curiosity of being with a female.moral of the story, your not alone. I'm 22 years old and my entire life this has been a battle within myself. Just be true to yourself first before all and things will fall into place.

I guess this could be bisexuality or at least bicuriosty, it's kinda common that people experience bicuriosty feelings at some point in their life.

Bisexuality isn't 50/50 liking boys and girls. You could consider yourself bisexual but never date a person of the same/opposite sex in your life and still be bisexual. I'm bisexual, and I started out feeling like how you're feeling. My parents are extremely homophobic, so I was pushed into a hetero lifestyle since I was fresh out of the womb. About 2 years ago, I realized I like girls but I thought "ohh lol it's like 98% guys and like 2% girls I'll be fine I'm actually straight" but that was incorrect, because 13 year old me is a fucking liar. Now, ?as I've grown (and still growing) to accept my sexuality, I realized I actually have a preference for girls, but I still like guys a lot, so I'm bisexual. I'd say play it out and see how your feelings develop in a year or two and you can choose to label yourself or not.?


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