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So theres this girl, I like that's in my year, for the sake of anonomously I will call her Evan. So I've had this crush on Evan for a little while longer than I care to admit. This week I went on a camping trip with the rest of my year, she also went with them. There were a few incidents that happened between us that I don't fully understand. I sat beside her once and she kept like touching me but than moving away and like fidgeting and then touching me again with her leg or arm. Once I was in the lounge with my friend and her sister came into the room and asked her for some money, when the sister saw me, she mouthed sorry to her. I can't seem to wrap my head around that why? Then there was another time when a boy asked her about a boyfriend or girlfriend she said no but when she moved to walk away she turned back to him and said maybe she would have a girlfriend. I thought that this much have been a hint that she could also like me back but she's been sending me so many mixed signals that I have no idea. Any advice will be appreicated! Thanks for reading -L

it is possible your friend does like?you back, my wife was the same with me?before we got together last year. i ended up asking her about it, and she eventually told me she liked me.?

maybe you could ask you friend if she likes anyone?

good luck. ^_^


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