The question that gets asked just way too much in the LGBT+ community..but I been having the worst time with my questionable sexuality..with no one to talk to about it. ?

A little backstory:

For as long as I could remember, I knew I liked girls...but I also liked boys. ?I considered myself Bi-sexual from the moment I learned what that meant. ?It wasn't until few years ago I learned about Pansexual and realized it fit me so much more. Lately, I've started to wonder, though...Perhaps, I am just considered a lesbian.

Why isn't it just a simple answer?

Well, I have only ever dated men. ?I liked girls growing up, but I was more into just looking at and fantasizing about them while I was more into dating guys..then again, I was also in the closet until way older. ?Since growing up, I've kissed one girl, had sexual encounters with one other, and dated one different time frames of my life. All happening rather quickly. ?I have little to go off of.?

The truth is, I find it hard to be attracted to men now that I am older..but I do feel I am attracted to some. ?I get turned on more by women..and have orgasmed easily off of them..whether personally or through video aid...never have I with a man..I know that is common..but there has been times that the only way I orgasm is if I think about being with a woman whilst being with men..But still...the thought of being with men I find attractive turns me it's like..??? Lately, I would even say I've gone as far as picturing a life with a woman (more than I ever have)..marriage..and how happier I'd be...but I've been happy with men and see the potential in that occuring for me too.

I have a whole entire part of me that is so accepting of my sexuality status..or knowing I am not straight (since I don't exactly know my status). I came out just months ago as Pan and I couldn't feel any better or proud...but sometimes this sexuality stuff is sooo darn confusing! I wish it were just as easy as saying, THIS IS ME!

Has anyone gone through this in anyway? I feel like, if I have to ask, then I am not..I am just pansexual..and perhaps I like girls more. ?But, then there is all these things that occur to me and it makes me still wonder.

Sorry for the long post, I do appreciate anyone who took the time to read it all,

honestly, im pretty sure im straight but i wouldnt mind experiemnting with girls, which led a lot of my friends to call me a lesbian, i say im straight, i dont think labeling yourself is all that important i mean just go with what you like and it doesnt need a name :) i dont think i was very helpfull because i really dont have much experience with this :0


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