how to talk to her

So I like this girl (first crush on a girl) and I want to talk to her. We haven't had a real conversation before but we've asked eachother simple questions and stuff like before she asked me did I crack my phone and I asked her if I could use her eraser. I just need help on how to talk to her and start a convo. She talks to her friends in our table group. So I cant really say anything. Sometimes when they stop talking or she isn't talking to her friends she kinda leans on her elbow and lays down and looks around and before she was just facing my direction for a minute and after a few seconds I looked at her and she was staring and smiling at me. I wanted to say something to her or smile back but I couldn't, I just looked away quickly and she stared for 3 more seconds then looked away. We follow eachother on Instagram. I would text her but I just wouldn't know what to say. I don't want to just text her for no reason. Should I text her or talk to her in person? What should I say?

Honestly, just text her or dm her. Tell her that you wanna talk more to her irl and you could then express any feelings you have for her once you get to know each other.


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