Confused about my best friend?

I'm bisexual, but in the closet, so none of my friends know. I kind of have a crush on my one friend and I'm so confused because I'm not sure if I think she's gay because I like her and that's what I desperately hope or if she's actually gay. I don't know if I'm just flattering myself or not, but I thought one of my best friends (A) likes me. She's always taking pictures of me (not in a creepy way, in my friend group with other friends B and C it's a thing where we take ugly Snapchats of each other and send them) but it seems like A is always taking pictures of just me and not B or C. A always laughs at my jokes even when they're not funny (although she laughs at everything). When we hang out in a group setting, A usually tends to migrate towards me. Sometimes she'll initiate physical contact, like when she asked for a shoulder massage. One time I went on a trip with A and C and I told them I would take the air mattress and they could sleep in the bed together I thought I saw the slightest look of resignation on A's face but I'm not sure. Whenever she needs a favor, she usually comes to me, even if there are other more capable people around. When she sees me in the morning her demeanor change completely and she gets a big smile on her face. When we went to see a movie the other day, she was shifted to the right in her seat because I was sitting to her right and she was really close to me. However, she'll sometimes send me pictures of hot guys or talk about how hot some guys are and it really makes me sad. While she could be bisexual, not comfortable with her sexuality yet, or covering her lesbianism up, I think the love she feels for guys is real and it worries me. I don't know if she likes girls at all. She does all these things though, and I'm so confused.?

Everything you said could just be due to her seeing you as her best friend or who knows it could also be attraction. It is hard to figure out since the two are so similar. How is this for weird, I think me and my boyfriend's sister have crushes on each other lol. Not that we will ever really do anything.


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