I think I might like this girl

So I've always had crushes on boys. I currently have a crush on one but now I'm starting to like this girl. Idk why but I feel like she might be lesbian or bi. She mostly hangs with boys and I don't know her much. We're both 15. ?We first met on the first day of second semester so like February and I just had this feeling about her. Anyway so I'm starting to like her more and more.?
I read on this website that most lesbians or bi girls have short nails and wear vans and "hang with the guys", she is all of those things. I've noticed that she kinda looks at me for like 5 seconds then looks away. She talks to my friend like only sometimes and when I'm right beside her, she ignores me and talks to my friend. She did this yesterday and when she was walking by me, she touched my back with her arm 2 times. And there was a lot of space for her to walk through but she walked close to me. Whenever she's close to me, she's extra close and touches me. I'm really confused. I like a guy and her at the same time ????

So the main thing is, how do I talk to her. She always talks to these two guys so there isn't any room for me speak. I also want to know, do you think she likes me?? Is there any chance? We only have one class together?

I think at the moment you are confused about your sexual identity, thats natural everyone goes through their own questioning about who they are. Its very common to have a crush on two people, don't worry! This girl might be sending signs that she's into you and wants to get to know you better. But she doesnt want to make the first move. Although I wouldn't believe everything you read on websites, sometimes there is just sterotypical bullshit that may not apply to this girl, she maybe straight too but prefers to wear her hair a certain way or cut her nails. Just ask around make sure that she's gay before you make any type of move. Yeah there is a chance, you can try strike up a conversation and if she is not interested in a converstation perhaps you should move on.

I can tell you right now that not all girls who have their nails short and hang with guys are bi or lesbian. That's very stereotypical?


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