Liking my best friend (who's bisexual)

So let's say I have two friends. The first is T and the second is M. T and M are both my closest friends and they both dated (both are girls). They are both taking a "break" but it turned out to be more of a break up as far as T can see. About a month ago, I asked her if she still likes M more than a friend, and she said she likes her as a friend, but still has left over feelings. About two weeks ago, I realized I like her more than a friend. Three days ago, it was her birthday and she had a party where M was there, and apparently M started hugging her and doing things that they did only in private and when they were dating. Now T's really confused because M mostly ignores her at school and neither of us knows whether M stills has feelings for T or not. M and I are both bisexual and really really good friends. I want to tell her that I like her, but i don't want to hurt her or anything. What do you guys think I should do? Tell her the truth or keep it a secret?

I say you should wait it out for a little bit to see what happens between T and M. If they get back together, I'm sorry, and you should try to dissolve your feelings, although I know getting over a crush is really hard. If nothing happens between them, I'd still wait a little bit and flirt a bit and drop subtle hints to see if T likes you back. If she does, go for it.?

Thanks. I recently found out that T doesn't like me more than a friend from a conversation that she had with M because T told me about it. I'm okay with this issue for now, and thank you very much for your advice. It helped me see things in perspective. :)


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