I made out with my girl best friend bc i was really horny and we watched lesbian porn and she was into it but then awkward after and I feel like it's ruined our friendship, but both of us act normal and still friendly. we had a lasugh about it after and i said that I felt awkward as well but i really felt kinda sad, even though i didn't want a relationship or sex out of it. gee i hate horny me.

I literally have the exact problem, i don't know whats changed but its just different now and awkward

I made out with my best friend for similar reasons, we were both horny and the boys we liked were ignoring us. But, as far as I know, neither of us had any idea about romance between us, it was never awkward. Compared with making out with a guy, it was more pleasant (she was smoother, softer and smelled better) but not as exciting JMO!!

i hope you guys can work it out and it stops being awkward or a bit less. we don't talk as much as we used to even though we kind of sorted it out


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