My last thread for the day, something I just thought I should say

Cuz this website seems pretty inactive......

I'm queer and I'm at a very confusing point in my life right now, so don't feel alone if you're on this board. This is only the second place that I've said those words (the other one being that website I keep mentioning, cuz the owner knows). I figured I might as well just out it out there.
My back story is basically just that my friend came out a while back (as pan) and I've slowly started trying to understand LGBTQ stuff, and then my friend's friend and my other friend both came out too (as bi and queer). Not to keep mentioning that other website (I'm really sorry) but that's a place where I put WAY more detail in a thread called "HAAAALLLLP". So, the pan friend was talking with the others about going to the Calgary Pride Parade, and I wanted to go so now I'm considering lying to my dad about where I'm going because he's against that stuff (and the owner of that other gaming website said I shouldn't lie). And then in a conversation with the owner guy I realized that I was queer, and kind of bi-curious (but I've never been in a relationship sooo) and now I have no idea how I'm gonna go about being LGBTQ (whether I'm gonna bother with coming out to anyone or not) and how open I will be about this especially rests on whether I go to the parade or not. And as I said on the other website, the parade sounds awesome and I really wanna go. So yeah, expect me to be hanging around here now, cuz I'm queer.


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