I have a crush on a girl, but thinking about being with her makes me feel uncomfortable?

I've dated one girl, and we never got past the stage of a few pecks on the mouth. We've since broken up, bu are still friends, and I still have a crush on her. Even when I was with her, and I felt so compelled to physically be with her, the idea of it made me feel uncomfortable, sick and queezy. I've had sex with a guy, but never a girl. I feel way more comfortable with the thought of having sex with a guy than a girl, but i'm only really sexually attracted to girls? I identify as pansexual, but this reluctance to go any further with girls makes me confused.?

Has anyone experienced the same thing, and if so, how did they overcome it?

I think I can understand. That's how I was at one point. I'm not sexually attracted to men, but rather women. I suppose that when the time comes, I'm always super reluctant. A girl has literally told me, "kiss me." and I was too scared to do it. I think, back then, I was just nervous to make the first move. So, maybe that's your issue? It's normal to have that feeling. Especially if it's something new. Uncharted waters, if you're looking for a metaphor lol. Anyway, I'd say that you just put your big girl pants on (or rather, off?) and GO FOR IT. Once you've done gone and done it, I'm sure you'll feel a lot more comfortable. Or, once the opportunity presents itself, talk to your partner. Maybe they won't mind taking the lead. Nethertheless, good luck :)

You Will regret the things you never did in your youth when older, I have always been more attracted to girl but because of the area and people around me I never acted on it, now I'm older and married and even though I have never been with another girl I regret not living my life as I should have, there is nothing wrong with being bisexual, call her and get together your bad feeling are coming from society telling you it is wrong for two girls to be together.

Maybe it's because you're not emotinally ready to have sex with her if that makes sense. I believe if people are ready to have sex with someone the idea won't make them uneasy.


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