So, I am making a confession on here since I feel like I can't tell anyone in my actual life this. The more I think about it and seeing everyone's advice on how they know just answers my questions about my sexuality. I am bisexual. Even though I have always dated guys, I am attracted to females as well and lesbian porn is the best thing. I have ventured to threesome porn so I get the best of both worlds ;)? There it is! It feels good to be able to get it off my chest. =)

@Greenb23 ?Thanks for sharing I hope all goes well for you.:)
Take Care XXXX

Finally Be Loved!

Thanks ladies!!!!!!!

Should I tell my boyfriend? I did mention doing a threesome and he was kind of open to it sometime in the future.

I'd say a threesome is a big change, but if it's how you feel most comfortable introducing yourself to same-sex experiences then go for it!



You can talk it over and think about what you're ready for. I don't know how old you are greenb23 but only you know you. If you have a 3some, be sure you know who you're with and that they can be trusted.

Well, watching threesome porn is just porn. But having a real life threesome sounds like a lot to deal with. Are you thinking FFM or MMF? I think just one horny guy would be a lot to handle, so I would not try it with two of them at once. That sounds too crazy for me anyway. Even with another girl in the mix it seems complcated. I'd have to be very familiar and comfortable with all involved and even then I doubt I'd mess with it.

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