So, I am making a confession on here since I feel like I can't tell anyone in my actual life this. The more I think about it and seeing everyone's advice on how they know just answers my questions about my sexuality. I am bisexual. Even though I have always dated guys, I am attracted to females as well and lesbian porn is the best thing. I have ventured to threesome porn so I get the best of both worlds ;)? There it is! It feels good to be able to get it off my chest. =)

@Greenb23 ?Thanks for sharing I hope all goes well for you.:)
Take Care XXXX

Finally Be Loved!

Thanks ladies!!!!!!!

Should I tell my boyfriend? I did mention doing a threesome and he was kind of open to it sometime in the future.

I'd say a threesome is a big change, but if it's how you feel most comfortable introducing yourself to same-sex experiences then go for it!




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