Should I stopped talking to her

So I have a crush on a girl I'm a girl too but like so she told
me?she likes me except that it just can't happen between Us I guess. So I still talk to her everyday but I think talking
to her is making me like her more so until I get My feelings under control should I tell her we shouldn't talk for a while???

Hiya A Crush and Puberty and Hormones can be a bad mix and cause problems. It sounds as if she likes you as a friend, but having a sexual type relationship as girlfriends with a friend is not a good idea because if your personal relationship as Girlfriend&Girlfriend then You Could well loose her as a friend as well. I have seen it happen, And I would never get Sexual type relationship. with a friend as i value their frendship too much to risk loosing them compleatly. Yes keep your feelings under control, but I would not stop talking to her. Just carry on as the friends that you are..
Hope all works out for you.?
Take Care XX


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