I'm confused

Hi so I'm 15 girl and I'm pretty sure I'm straight but I think I really like my straight best friend because I think about her a lot and I always want to be near her, just recently started to think about her sexually. but I think maybe I was PMSing because I was fanatasizing about guys too and when I'm PMSing my hormones are just everywhere. Anyway, I don't feel like this about any other girl nor have I ever felt like this, it's only her which is why I'm so confused. To be honest, if she was bi and liked me I think I would date her but idk if that's because she's my best friend and I love her that much or if I'm actually bi. Sidenote: I feel very romantically and sexually attracted to guys, my best friend is the only in my life I've ever felt like this for. Please help I'm so confused right now

It's probably just what some people call puppy love.? She's your best friend and you love her, unconditionally...and it is not out of the ordinary to think about very good friends in a sexual way.? It doesn't make you weird or gross...and it doesn't necessarily mean you are bi or lesbian.

Hiya being 15 and like still going through puberty both Girls and Boys can become "Bi-Carious" some may experment others do nothing. But time will tell how your sexuality turns, whats made to be will be just go with the flow, but as its your best friend involved just be careful that you do not do anything to spoil your friendship, as GOOD friends can be hard to come by. Hope everything works out well for you.?
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