Fooling around with a girl??

I've got a boyfriend but I desperately wanna have sex with a girl, I watch lesbian porn all the time, can't get it off my mind.?

​Hey NewGurl, i was in the same position as you a year ago. I had a boyfriend for 5 years. At first, everything was awsome and i really enjoyed the time we spent together. However, as more time passed i realised that there wasn't really a sexual attraction (in my part). I would think that i was the problem because no matter how hard i tried, i still would not?have the desire to engage in anything sex related with him. On occations, i found myself watching porn and i would get more turned on when i watched lesbian related videos. The confusing part about my situation is that i never was attracted?to any girl or had a sexual desire?for any. I have many female friends, but none really tickled my interest (or i really wasn't putting much tought to it). A year ago, i made a new female friend (she liked girls). She was attracted to me, but again i didnt give her much attention and brushed it off. We didnt communicate with each other until this spring. She started hitting on me again, mind you i was still with my boyfriend. I talked to her strickly as friends at first, yet?as time passed to my surprise i cought myself attracted to her. Of course, i had to break up with my boyfriend which was very hard for me. It was a very hard to obtain the courage to let him go, becuase he is a great guy, however, i knew were my heart was going and where my sexual desire was leading me too. I got to know "my female friend" on a deeper level. When we finally had sex, It. was. great. lol Until this day we are still together and? she makes me very happy on an emotional level and a physical. So, my advice to you would be, first, figure out your feelings towards your current boyfriend. Figure out what you truly feel for him on an emotional and physical level. If you are truly happy were you are at then leave this curiosity and continue your path towards happinnes. On the other hand, which is the vibe that i am getting with your question. If you are no longer sexually attracted to him and wish to experiment or find yourself as a women, do it. However, you must be honest with him. Especially if it's something you can't get out of your head. Honesty is honestly the best policy. You are young, and you are free. Live life and find what your mind/body truly desires. Sorry for the long post lol

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