How old is everyone here??

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Just curious to see what everyone's age is. I used to be on this site going up as a teen. I just found it and rejoined lol. I'm 25 now...hope it's not too old.

I'm 13. I found this site just recently.


15 here. :)

i'm 25 as well! i just joined after lurking for a bit.?

I am 13, 14 in July

Hiya ALL I am 16. I am in the UK

13 and 14 in August

I'm 22 and I've just joined after spending a while reading everything on the site. I just love the mix of gossip, news and information. I guess it was just the right time to 'come out' as a fan of (I came out as gay years ago!)

I'm 18!

Hi - I'm 17 and live in england

24 from TX =)

Hello there - I'm from Calgary AB Canada and I'm 13.

I'm 18

Be Careful EVERYONE the link in the post from @jenni17?is from a site that TRACKS YOU ?I would call it spam.I have found the exect same post in other Threads herr on GURL.
Angie X

14 nearly 15

Im 22 and this is one of my favorite websites ☺


im 15


I am also 25 Lol. I used to be on here as a teen and returned to see how things were now.

19 years old

i am nineteen and think is good to have opinions from girls of all ages. 25 i think is still young people?


I'm almost 19

I just had my 13th birthday on August 10th. happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Lisa, happy birthday to me.....

18 here!

I just joined here and I turned 14 at the end of July

im 28 i don't know even is it okay to be here?

I'm 21 as of this last July.



God, I'm old - I have to quit this forum, I just realised how creepy this question made me feel!

I'll be 14 next month.

I turn 15 on December 5th, so I consider that my age now.

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