Anyone else just want to experience?

I have always liked boys more than girls but I have always wanted to experiment with girls too but I dont think I could fall in love with a girl. Is anyone else just curious without wanting to start a relationship with a girl or is it just me ? :/

I know exactly what you mean. I haven't done anything with a boy or girl but i seem to be more curious about girls currently.

andie I know exactly what you mean. I look at other girls and am attracted to other girls sometimes and I think trying things with girls would probably be really pleasant, however I am not interested in a relationship with a girl (this caused a mutual misunderstanding recently and accidentally hurt someone's feelings). I think it is pretty normal, but maybe I just assume it's normal because it's how I feel.

I made out with my high school BFF when we were 16 but, not because we were thinking about sex or dating, we were just frustrated and horny and wanted to practice. It was nice though. And, I have been in bed next to two girls while they were openly masturbating and next to one while I openly masturbated. I have groped girls and been groped by girls. But I haven't had what I would describe as sex with a girl, I would be open to it, but I'd be paranoid she'd get mad at me if I didn't want to date longterm. So I kind of doubt I ever will but who knows.

I've only gone as far as being given oral by a guy, but i'm also very curious about sex with girls - but don't want to be in a relationship with a girl. I think it's normal tbh, like experiment as much as you like, you only live once!

I think that's fairly normal. I've been with girls, but I've never had a relationship with one.


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