i class myself as straight but the last couple of weeks i've been having sexual feelings for girls. idk if i'm bi or straight.?

How old are you? It's normal for teenagers to just be curious and not put a label on it. Can you see yourself in a relationship with another girl? You could be bi if you're still interested in guys. I can't ever see myself with a guy and have no attraction to them so I classify as a lesbian?


i'm 15, idk tbh,potentially. could i class myself as lesbian if i discovered that i like girls even though i've had sexual relationships with guys? this sexuality stuff all confuses me

As SammyB said its normal for teens of both sexes to be carious, ?I classed myself as BI for a few years although I had no interest in boys, and just like SammyB I have NO interest ib boys so now I also class myself as a Lesbian.
So @xslutsophx I dont think you should class yourself as lesbian until your sure you do not relationships with boys, you cuuld de curious or BI depending on what way you go, you said you already had sexual relationships with boys, but only sexual feelings for Girls, So at the moment I would say you are Carious.
Hope all works out well for you


thank you so much for the help

I used to think I was bi but now I think I am probably lesbian. Everyone is different I guess. I think categories are tough and people are not accepting too.?

I consider myself bi-curious. I dont know if i would every be in a relationship with another girl but then again I havent been in a relationship yet or even done anything sexual. But I would say im attracted to both boys and girls bodies. So maybe im more curious then bi. hehe?

^ That's how I've felt for a long time. I'd definitely like to try being with a girl and sleeping with a girl and I have had crushes on some before, but I can't see myself ultimately marrying one, so I feel like I can't say that I'm bi. But as I've gotten older, I feel like it doesn't matter what you call it. I'll sleep with who I'm attracted to and I'll marry who I love the most. It's no one else's business but mine.

Yeah just do whatever makes you happy. :)

UPDATE: i had my first girl on girl experience today


ooo do tell?

Always been bi curious. Never found a women to explore with. Being from a small own its pretty hard. Lol until then I will just keep on pleasuring myself.

Probably bicurious. I've been that way for years

Good for you. Bet it was awesome. Can't wait for mine. Someday


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