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I keep having this fantasy about a girl at my school. The fantasy usually starts in a public place then we go to the restroom and lock the door. Then we start intensely making out. Then we kind of transport to my bedroom and have sex. But I also have huge crush ?on this guy at school but I don't fantasize about him. I've had thoughts about girls before but I've always liked boys. I just don't know what to do. Maybe I'm bi or just curious. I also only like lesbian porn but anyway if anyone can tell me what to do that would be great. One last thing if anyone can tell me how lesbian sex feels and tastes and smells and looks and all that I would love that ?

It's difficult I know because I am confused like this too and I am the same, I thought I liked guys but since I have started having more sexual feelings I only really have them about girls. Maybe you are bisexual, maybe bi curious. Feelings at our age seem confusing. What do you mean you don't know what to do? Don't do anything and go with the flow I guess. I don't see why our sexuality has to be labelled anyway. From my experience your feelings are normal so just relax about it all.

This is an older post and I don't know if either of you will see this, but I've been experiencing something similar. I've always crushed on guys, but never sexually. It's a full blown, intense crush sometimes, but I know I would never do anything more than kiss a guy, and the thought of having sex with a guy makes me recoil and shudder. Recently, well, if you consider 11 months as recently, I've been noticing... things for girls. I would love to kiss and hold and have sex with a girl. I've never done anything with anyone beyond holding hands and having an arm around my shoulders with a guy I had some type of... thing with. I've never daydreamt or fantasized about any guy, but I have about girls. The fact that I'm attracted to both guys and girls (even though I notice guys more) but would only go further than kissing with a girl leads me to want to label myself as a biromantic lesbian. Labels aren't necessary, and some people hate them, but I personally feel like I need one. I'm still not absolutely certain, especially being at this age where hormones seem to be trying to destroy us, and it's causing a bit of anguish. I wish it could just be over and figured out, but it looks like I'll have to weather the storm for quite a bit longer. The two people I've confided in, one older bisexual girl and one slighthly younger presumably straight girl, have both told me to relax, but it just seems impossible. At this point, I'm almost absolutely certain I'm not straight, but it feels impossible to tell anyone else or experiment. It just feels like being stuck in a place of limbo to me. This was kinda long, is full of run-on sentences, and didn't really accomplish anything, but your guys' stories seemed so similar to my own that I had to say something.

I've been going through the same thing. Recently I've noticed that I have feelings for this girl. Ever since I saw her I felt this way about her. I've always had crushes on guys and I always notice if they're attractive. Sometimes if I think about kissing a boy and then going further, I just cringe. But if I imagine this with the girl I like, I feel tingly. I started thinking it was a phase so I was like forget her, she probably won't even like me or have feelings for me, but then she does something like notice me and I fall over again. But these past two days have been normal, I'm trying to forget her. I feel the same as you guys, I need some advice too...


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