Falling for a straight girl..... again

I will try to make this as brief as possible. Once upon a time, about 2 years ago, I fell hard for this girl. She claims she's completely straight, but my other lgbt friends and I completely disagree. She's absolutely gorgeous. Once you've seen a girl in suit, it's kinda hard not to fall in love. I told her about my feelings and she broke my heart. Badly. I was a mess for months. I haven't talked to her since but she still talks to my BFF. I have a gf now and I love her lots but lately it feels like I'm starting to fall back for my former friend. I think about her more and more, and sometimes, even though I'm with someone else, the thought of her and I together makes its way into my mind. I'm not worried about cheating, mostly because she hasn't talked to me, but I'm still worried. I'm not sure if I'm falling for her again or what to do about it. Any advice??

I suggest that you try to not see this straight girl for a little bit if you feel like you're falling for her again. I've fallen for a straight girl before and it's not fun. I pulled away a little, but we still remain friends. It worked for me. Also, try to become closer with your girlfriend. If you love her, it may help you to forget about the straight girl. Good luck!


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