First time with a girl

What was your first sexual experience with another girl and at what age?

i was 13 and it was at a sleepover. We talked about a number of sexual things and got on to the subject of masturbation (favourite ways, how old first time etc). We both got so turned on, the covers disappeared and hands went inside (our own) panties and we masturbated side by side. Needless to say this led to other things at future sleepovers lol.

Never had it, but it would be nice :) Your experience is just perfect.


just my feelings, but i dont really consider mutual masterbation to be a lesbian encounter. does anybody else feel that way??

So cool! I started the same way years ago... and masturbating together was just the kick-off for lots of fun :)

14 :p

I was 14 with a a sleepover one night, we turned the tv to softcore porn and ended up masturbating to it. When we went to bed, we watched hardcore porn on her laptop.

I've told this story before but I think it bears repeating...

My bff and I are only a month apart and we grew up doing musicals together. Ever since I was 8 and my mom took my brother and I to a nudist resort (yeah told you my mom was cool lol) I've loved being naked as much as possible. I sleep naked every night (except during my period, and even then I'm topless), so whenever my bff and I would have sleepovers, obviously I'd be naked and it didn't take too long to convince her to lose her PJs. At our first sleepover after my first orgasm I told her about it and she told me she'd been masturbating for a few months at that point but hadn't told me! We masturbated together that night, playing footsies and something about being naked with her, hearing her moan, feeling her bare feet on my bare feet, it just overcame me, and I rolled over and kissed her. I didn't understand why I just wanted to. We wound up making out and masturbating all night that night. We said we were "practicing making out" for future boyfriends but I was really enjoying it as an experience and not just a lesson lol
So we did that almost every weekend for over a year, then in the summer of 2005 I had my first real encounter with a boy at the nudist camp. He was my first male kiss, he sucked my nipples and my toes and he fingered me. When I got home, I showed my bff what he'd done to me, sucking her nipples and toes and fingering her off. She then returned all 3 favors lol
Later that summer she was off to band camp and she'd gotten a boyfriend in the band. I'd encouraged her to go as far as she wanted with him if they got alone time. When she got back she reported they'd gone as far as we had...BUT he'd also eaten her pussy. This time she demonstrated on me and I came so fucking hard! I'll never forget the first time her tongue hit my clit! And then I did my best to repay her. Omg her pussy was heaven! So wet and warm and delicious ;) And you know what? We recently hooked up around Easter this year and her pussy still tastes as good at 24 as it did at 14 lol

"just my feelings, but i dont really consider mutual masterbation to be a lesbian encounter. does anybody else feel that way??"

I guess it could be but I don't think it necessarily is. I did the same thing with my best friend when we were 16 and both frustrated about boys, we also practiced making out with each other, but we never thought about "dating" each other. But I guess every situation is different it could be a first step for girls who are really interested in being with each other romantically?

11 or 12, and we masturbated each other.

It was when my friends and I were around 10ish on a sleepover, And we still masturbate togather,

@linea I have said in a survey fourm post that I was a virgin, but I also said I masturbated with friends, and "one" girl said if i masturbated with other girls I was NOT a virgin, I do not agree and still class myself as a virgin.

"I have said in a survey fourm post that I was a virgin, but I also said I masturbated with friends, and "one" girl said if i masturbated with other girls I was NOT a virgin, I do not agree and still class myself as a virgin."

I agree, maybe if the other girl masturbated you it would be sex but, if you are the one masturbating yourself, no way.

@ShellyB ?Thanks for your reply, well the thing is we rubbed each other clits but no penetration took place.
?This is my understanding of a VIRGIN. So who is right?



    [*]1.a person who has never had sexual intercourse."she's still a virgin"synonyms:maiden,?unmarried girl,?maid,?vestal virgin,?chaste woman,?celibate; ??

Well the issue I think is, if it isn't sex without penetration, basically lesbian sex only exists with dildos :) But maybe somebody else can explain better than me!

why does this even matter?

@Jasminenewman I Totally agree.

As long as you consider yourself a virgin that's all that matters. The semantics don't matter

First real experience was with a guy and a girl a couple of weeks ago. I've kissed maybe two girls before but that's it. Me and my boyfriend had a threesome with a girl and that was the first time I did more to a girl than makeout with her. I fingered her and kissed her body and gropped her. The whole experience was made better since my boyfriend was pleasuring both of us at the same time. I really want to have another one again lol. But not just a hookup. I want an actual relationship with the girl also. It'll feel even better if I genuinely like her I think.?

my first time was a with my best friend and it was at a sleep over at my house so we where about to go to sleep and then we just start touching each other and thw stared kissing and then i stared kissing her boobs and then i stared sucking her boobs and then she did the same to me and thee best thing was just to hear her moun and then she stared moving down my body and the she put her fingers in side and really loud and it felt so good and the she stared sucking my pussy and the she started fingering me at the same time and then i did the same thing to her her then she would not stop mouning and then i put my pussy on her pussy and then we stared rubing them together and it felt so good

These sound totally legit. Really?

I was 14 and on a sleepover with 4 of my friends camping out. Three of them fell asleep on one side of the tent and me and my friend were curled up together on the other side. Earlier that day I had started gently rubbing her arm and I return she had put her arm under my jumper and rubbed circles on my hip. This had left us both horny, and when everyone was asleep we started rubbing each others backs and then slowly her hands moved down to my ass and started groping me. I returned the favour and then my hands moved up to her tits and started massaging her tits. Her hands were now on top of my vagina but over my clothes, and after her rubbing me like that for a bit I did the same to her. Then her hands went into my pants and she started rubbing my clit and it felt so good. I was doing the same to her and she orgasmed after 5 minutes. I orgasmed as well and once we had calmed down ikissed her on the lips then we had a make out session. It felt amazing but I'm not sure if she wants to do it agin (I do!!)

13, with an older girl who lived down the street.

16, a neighbor who's no longer my neighbor. She was first and only time


Wow, some of these sound just like me. I had a sleepover thing with my friend and some stuff happened. I can't believe I'm saying this out loud.

I was really young and it was a matter of incest. I'll leave the rest of the details out of it.

My first time was a year ago and my younger gal pal really came on to me. I never gave it more than a few passing fantasies before that, but she really drew me in. She was so energetic. I really liked it and we've been doing it regularly ever since then.


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