any older ladies on here?

Hey ladies! My name is Amanda and I'm 22 from Ohio. I'm looking to meet some new friends who are around my age :)

I'm 23! I used to come to this website when I was a teen. :) lol I was just looking through some forums that I used to look through.

I'm 24 from Florida 😁 I always came here as a teen and started reminiscing! I love this website

22 from Kansas :)

22 in London

26 in Tennessee

21 in Texas :)

21 F Texas :)

19 F NY :)

24 in MS!

18 in NV. Not sure if that's older. haha

I'm 28. I'm probably oldest of all :P

25 in ny

20 NC !

I am about to be 21 and live in NC 😋

20 bruh

18 in MI :)

21 from Texas.?

By older?I associated on 30-40, but god I belong here xD

22 from Hungary, Europe

28 in Seattle

Hey gurls! I was wondering if anyone was online...i would love to chat!
27/f/TN here

Its good tho know there is pleantyof women with lots of experence to give advice going by the posts above.
I am quite new here Its nice to meet you all.

I'm 25, and I live in Nashville.

i'm 19, i live in england.

Just wonder what the OP really ment, Older than what??

23 in GA


we aren't too far from each other then! :)

25 here. Live in New England!!

25 from Texas :)

25 from GA. :)

22 from London. :) XX

20/ Pennsylvania

23 in Ontario (Canada eh) :)
I forgot how much I loved this site!

25 lol been a member for about 8 years


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