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Just a reminder that isn't a dating site. It is against the rules to post personal information (ex: phone numbers, full names, kik's and so on). This is not a place to advertise your skype, messenger, aim, kik and facebook accounts. Cybersex posts are against the rules of! They will be deleted and you will be given a warning. 

Please see our Community Guidelines:

And our internet safety page:

I do wish to respect the rules, but I think it might help if we were given more sites on which we could meet people.  I'm on meetme, but I'd much prefer to use something like because I feel like I could actually get to know the girl and make a connection instead of going off of looks.  We are a community and it's almost a compliment that we want to use your site because we trust you and know that quality people come to it.

i like that . i would like for someone to get to know me instead of going on my looks that would be a big change in my dating history 

i think that would be awesome id like to flirt with more girls.

someone want to chat?? :)

I'm always up for a chat, message me!:)

I think I'm a little to old to be on here by message me anyone 18+

Ill chat with girls 18+ hmupp:)

hi im new here would u like to chat with me?

Anyone want to chat ? /-\ new here (: 
16 <33

It's fine making friends..but to the girls that said they wouldn't mind flirting with other girls..this is a site meant for becareful with that. 

i'm free to chat, i'm bi and can exchange kiks? so when needed maybe dirty chat?

I'm up for chatting (:

Im up for chatting .. message me 

Hey there ^^


I think I like a girl lets call her H and we were really close like peas and carrots then some things happened and we grew apart but she acts cool like nothing ever happened or better yet like I don't exsist when I'm showing off I really think I love her thought and I've grown to except this that I want to kiss her and hold her wrap my arms around her tease her and sqeeze(spelling) her I think I really need her she is beautiful and her sister is pretty hot too. I don't know how to regain our friendship and get closer to her again I mean I don't wanna seem like obsessed or something but I want her to know I'm there for her.

Hey,I'm new on Gurl wanna chat on kik?

Hey I'm new Waz sup

Ive had a for a while now but i never have anyone to talk to. Wanna chat?? Hmu

yvm19: someone want to chat?? :)would love to chat with anyone


Id really like to get to know someone in the chicago area that I can just hang with and chat! I'm very bi curious and it's just so frustrating that I have no one to kind of release this desire! Ahhhh

messege me for kik

Hi my name is Sarah 13 and I'm just looking for someone around my age to chat with

Send me a message cuties<3

Chat With Me <3 <3 <3 
15 and older 

Girls 18+ message me :)

Message me for Kik!!!:)

You can always message me!!!! I'm cool.

im bisexual! you girls messsssage me!(:

I'm new here anybody wanna chat

Chat anyone ? 
Happy to be dirty ;)

I'd love to chat :) just pm me

Message me for personal info

Yeah if anyone wants to talk that's cool. Please don't be a perv though.

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