What Celebrity would you ****?

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Rowan Blanchard all day!!! <3 ;)
Then Chloe Moretz, Sabrina Carpenter, and Selena Gomez.

Nina Dobrev, omg she's so sexy!!!! Melanie Iglesias is pretty hot too!



Young Kristen Dunst in Virgin Suicides ? Emma Watson

Jeniffer Lopez, Anna Kendrick, Katy Perry, Amy Adams...

To be honest, the hottest of for me is Sasha Grey, haha. But one of us two must be tied and ball gagged :)

Maisie Williams (game of thrones) and Emma Watson

kat graham, halsey, aurora

Aimee Kelly (Maddie from Wolfblood) and Jenna Coleman (Clara from Dr. Who)

Selena Gomez Is Perfect 😍

Avril Lavigne

I used to have a crush on the young queen on Game of Thrones (Margery or something) I still like her, but I have a bigger crush now on Sansa! I hope she has a nude or sex scene next season!

Lea Seydoux, Sasazaki Mami.

allison williams :)


Anna Kendrick :)

Mila Kunis
Kendal Jenner
Katie Holmes
Sophia Bush!!!!!
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
sorry I can't narrow it down anymore than that?

Gina Rodriguez, Allison Brie, and Emily Blunt, also Gigi Hadid & Karlie Kloss!


Mila Kunis...absolutely. She has caused an orgasm or two lol

LiLo, Kate Moss, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Mila Kunis, Malia Obama

Emma Watson, Victoria Justice and Taylor Swift

taylor momsen

Mila Kunis
Demi Lovato

And, going a little older, Kate Winslet.

Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, and definitely Daisy Ridley!

I mentioned Mika Kunis before, but I've added Selena lately to my orgasms...

Kate McKinnon & Gaga all the way...damn the dreams i've had about them lol?

Natalie Dormer or Danielle Harris

kylie jenner.

omg my list is so long! but my top three have to be
1.Kristen Stewart
2.Saoirse Ronan
3.Freya Mavor (skins)
All with blonde hair!!

Fargo always one or two sexy women each season and this year they have my new girl crush, who I looked up and was confused to learn she's Clint Eastwood's daughter in real life lol. Francesca Eastwood, if you watch Fargo she's the girl who seduces the writer.

Not fuck but I'd love to have a date with Gal Gadot :D

I'd date Kylie Jenner or Kendall and maybe Ariana Grande.?

Miley Cyrus is hot... I'd love to party and hook up with her. Wouldnt mind if she brings her sister.

Currently my masturbation fantasies are getting double teamed by Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard, and scissoring Elle Fanning

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