What Celebrity would you ****?

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Just wanna know peoples tastes in women ;)I Would #### the #### out of Eleanor Kate Jackson (Elly Jackson) (La Roux)who would you guys ####? lol.this is based on looks. we don't actually KNOW these celebrities <3
Hope Solo (team USA's goalkeeper)Especially now that her hair's dark... (;
yes :) dark hair is sexy. Good choice :)
If anybody it would have to be Clea Duvall, especially her look in "But I'm A Cheerleader". It's so sexy when a girls the ring wearing, cigarette smoking kind of lesbian; makes me shiver. :P
Mila Kunis!!! :D
Shakiraaaaaa. I def love my latinas.
One of the Kardashians (the ones that havent had surgery yet)
natalie portman and mila kunis :D
I would have to say either Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham in Fringe) or Gwyneth Paltrow :) Apparently I have a thing for blondes...
rhianna trey songz snoop doggs oldest son aow!!!!
Emma Watson From harry potter she play himinie Well Fit
Two words: MEGAN FOXShe's such a hotty! Her & Lady Gaga, Candice Sawnpoel and Last but not least Camilla Belle.
Same here :) I think her short hair is amazing :)
Dani Shay or Emma Watson. (: <3
Omg , I would do both too! :DEmmawatson is so hotand Dani shay is too ;D
I am going to have to go with olivia wilde <3 (aka Thirteen)
Definitely Mila Kunis and Allison Brie.Oh my goodness. :)
Yeah, Emma is hotter with her pixie cut. But Dani Shay is just all around sexy! (:
She is really Pretty. (:
ommggg i have to agree with you, Shakira's daaamn sexy ;* haha
Scarlett Johanson <3333 !!!!
i would #### kristen stewart, DIANNA AGRON, AND HEATHER MORRIS :))
mila kunis, scarlett johansan, ariana grande (from victorious), and k.d. aubert. oh and how could i forget megan fox
Ooh... Umm. Courtney Cox (With the short hair, like in Better Than Chocolate) Dani Shay (Girl's gorgeous!) And Courtney Jensen <3 Love her
Evanna Lynch Katy Perry Just to name the first to come to mind ;)
Of the ones mentioned so far:Natalie PortmanMila KunisEmma watsonOlivia WildeScarlett JohansonKaty PerryMegan FoxMiranda Kerr + Many others!I would tongue punch her fart box :P all of them...anyone agree?
Without a doubt Lady Gaga. I can't even describe all the things I'd like to do to her. Also Naya Rivera, have you seen her fhm cover? Lord have mercy.
Either Shakira,Sofia Black-D'elia,or Haley Williams! I think they are all hot but If I were to choose only one....it would be Sofia! I <3 Skins(U.S)
GAGA! <3
Zoe Saldana!! :D
Liv Tyler :DDDDDDDDDDDD (Arwen from LotR)
Megan Fox... most def!


Emma Watson, Liv from iZombie, Kerry Washington and Tiana from Empire

Felicity from Arrow, Iris from Flash, Sophia Bush from Chicago PD, Emma Watson too, Jane on Blindspot, Alex on Modern Family, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, Kirsten Dunst, and Daisy Ridley from Star Wars!!!

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