Do you think tomboys are sexy?

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girls are sexy!
and everyone of them is sexy in different ways, it's just so awesome.
whatever you like, there's a girl just for you, or two, or more!

Tomboys are extremely sexy! I think they're just adorable and drawn in by them on so many levels. I love girly girls but I also love tomboys. I'm just omnivorous I guess.

Tomboys are awesome. I know one who is just adorable! She doesn't hang out much with the other girls but she was really nice when I got to know her. She'd really be beautiful (in the typical sense) if she made up and wore feminine clothes but the fact that she doesn't flaunt her natural attributes and remains true to herself really impresses me.

I do like Tomboys even though I am one myself, but I'm also attracted to inbetweeners...not totally tomboy and not totally girly(like totally obsessed with hair and makeup) I like somewhere in between. Basically I like a cute confident girl who's not afraid to get dirty(not in a sexual way)?

Exactly this! I like tomboys and inbetweeners. Both are accessible and fun to be with, and most of the ones I know don't have a cob up there butts trying to be something they're not.

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